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2013 Gapland Rollers Awards

Now that the 2013 season is wrapped up and our awards have been given out, why not share the results with our fans?  Take the time to congratulate your favorite Gapland Rollers (most have Facebook links below). Congratulations to all our members!

Player Voted Awards for Season 4:

Additional Season 4 Awards (decided on by Coach Farm Fatale):

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Player Profile: INTRODUCING ‘Ms. CheeVS Maehem’

Ms CheeVS Maehem #71

Ms CheeVS Maehem #71

Ms. CheeVS Maehem #71

Meet one of Gapland’s more mature players: Chris Mitschke.  Clocking in at her mid-forties, she has never let her age slow her down one bit in this crazy sport.  She is proud to compete in roller derby, but has gotten a hard time from people in the past.  Do not underestimate her due to her age or size (she is also one of our slightest skaters).

Maehem joined Gapland in our second season, after hearing about it from some of her students (including our own Crystal Brawl’s daughter).  She currently teaches grade 3 in Langenburg, where she now lives, although she grew up in Saskatoon.

Her derby name is pronounced ‘Mischevious Maehem,’ and stems from her middle name, Mae.  She chose the Ms. CheeVS part, hoping that she would be underestimated.  Her number, 71, was mirrored after former Saskatchewan Roughrider, Bobby Jurasin.  “He was a force on the Riders for many years and I want to be a force on our team,” she says.  Maehem also wears his characteristic Rising Sun bandana under her helmet.

Maehem’s goal for this season is to become more agile on her skates.  She also wants to maintain better contact with all her derby friends during the off-season.  In the 2012 season, Chris was presented with the ‘Brave Little Toaster’ award.  This resulted from her speedy recovery after an early-season broken tailbone.  She was back on skates within four weeks, and bouting in eight.  She is no stranger to injury, also receiving a broken nose at our last home bout in 2012, the Harvest Haymaker.  What she lacks in size, she makes up for in grit, heart, and sheer determination.

Being her usual positive self, Maehem found it difficult to chose one singular career highlight.  Learning new strategy made the top of the list, along with representing Gapland on the Flat Track Friction bout poster.

Teammate and coach, Lottie B. Naughty, shared the following about Maehem.  “Except for her marvellous booty shorts and make-up, Maehem isn’t a flashy player, on or off the track—but flying under the radar she is one to make things happen.  Always hard-working, diplomatic, and graceful, she gets things done without anyone even realizing how it happened.  More than just Ms. CheeVS Maehem, she is also magic.”

Maehem’s next derby action will take place in Halifax on August 10th, when we take on the Halifax Harbour Grudges.  Going into this game, the coaches will be counting on her for leadership on and off the track.  Stay tuned for bout photos, which are guaranteed to feature her in one of her fabulous outfits.

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Player Profile: Introducing ‘hELLbilly Deluxe’

hELLbilly Deluxe

hELLbilly Deluxe #47

Commonly known as Ellie Reid, this Gapland Roller was born, raised, and resides in Rocanville, SK.  Her derby name stemmed from the Brooks & Dunn song ‘Hillbilly Deluxe’.  “This is a great song,” she says. “It’s all about having a good time in a small town.”  She then put her own spin on it, working in her first name.

How did she come to call the Gapland Rollers home?  It was mostly curiosity.  She was looking for a new summer sport (since drinking beer and hitting a ball now and then at slowpitch can’t really be considered a sport).  Lucky for us, roller derby seemed interesting to her and was something new in the community for women.

hELLbilly’s on-track goal for the upcoming season is to increase her speed and agility, as well as to feel comfortable jamming if the team needs her.  Her off-track goal is to increase roller derby awareness in the surrounding area.  “It’s here, come and see!”  She does an excellent job of this, serving as the Gapland Roller Derby League President.

The biggest highlight in her derby career happened two years ago.  ‘Doom Cookie’ referred to her as being a one woman wrecking crew and ‘Kitty Militia’ found her after a game to compliment her on her blocking skills.  Words of praise from these veteran players of the Pile O’ Bones Derby Club are definitely well deserved by our hELLbilly.  She is an irreplaceable force on the Gapland Rollers.

hELL is a mother to 1 year old ‘hELL Baby’ and is also a travel counselor for Tourism Saskatchewan.  Bored and want to know where to explore in this province?  She is your go-to gal.  Feel free to drop in on her at the Visitor Reception Center on the #1 Hwy at the Manitoba border.

“Derby has changed my life.  I’m a happier, more confident person since I found derby.  I’m thankful every day that I can be involved in a sport that makes me feel good about myself.”

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Fresh Meat

If you have EVER considered strapping on some gear and checking out the track this is your chance!! No one is too large, too small, too young, too old, too weird, too loud, or too quiet. Gapland accepts everyone and we think there is a place in derby for all of you! We are PUMPED to have you out!

What to bring:

1) Provincial Health Card

2) Mouthguard (optional) …

3) Exercise clothing (keep in mind you will be wearing knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards)

4) ALL of your excitement/nerves/panic/skills or lack-of/and a great attitude!

5) Water bottle

The Gapland Rollers senior ladies will be helping you out to learn the basic skills of derby and hopefully get you hooked!  If you have any equipment (helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, mouthguard) please bring.  If you do not, the league has equipment to be borrowed.

Here are a few links that may answer some of your questions:

http://www.derbylife.com/articles/2013/03/letter_young_derbyist http://www.derbylife.com/articles/2013/04/10_things_i_wish_i_had_known_before_strapping_pair_skates

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post or ask any Gapland Roller!

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Spring has sprung!


Friends, it’s been a loooooong, cold winter, but Gapland will soon be starting up spring training for their fourth season!  Stay tuned for updated information and exciting news on what’s sure to be our biggest and best season yet!

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