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Player Profile: Introducing ‘Madame REN Dogger’

Madame REN Dogger #683

Madame REN Dogger #683

Madame REN Dogger #683

Familiarize yourself with Gapland’s very own la reine français: Renée Tremblay.  Born and raised in Saint-Lazare, this 38-year-old now calls Rocanville home.  Previously a high school teacher, Madame Ren Dogger is currently a stay at home maman to her two youngest darlings.  She plans to return to teaching once they are settled into school (and yes, they are fluent in French).

Ren Dog put a lot of thought into choosing her derby name.  She really wanted to show her quirky personality, along with her die-hard French heritage.  Those who spend time with her know that she is always trying to stick some French in, wherever she can.  After mulling over a few options with ‘REN’ in them (stemming from the word French), she finally came to the conclusion to use a nickname her high school students gave her.  With that,  fRENch Kiss of Death and fRENch Onion Soup were discarded, and Madame REN Dogger was born.  Her derby number also has special meaning, in that 683 are the first three digits in Saint-Lazare phone numbers.

Unknown to Gapland, Ren Dog had been toying with the idea of trying derby for some time.  She claims that she had wanted to join for a while, but was too chicken to show up to a bunch of strange women.  How does one say ‘stranger danger’ en français?  Thankfully, the lure proved irresistible along with some encouragement from her friend Ta Mere.

Madame turned out to be quite the derby phénomène.  Not only did she receive the ‘Fast Learning Matha Fakka’ award for the 2012 season, but she also rightfully received the 2012 Most Improved Player.  Hold on, is that first one even a real award?  When you are Ren Dog and you have trademarked the phrase ‘madarfarcars’ it sure is!  The highlight of her derby career to-date was the Harvest Haymaker scrimmage in September of 2012.  Her game sense and ability clicked into place, she was in the best shape of her life, and she succeeded in winning lead jam on a very tough opponent FOUR times!  For the 2013 season, she wants to continue to work on her skating skills and endurance, as well as understand the game better.  Off the track, she plans to become friends with other derby gals (instead of just acquaintances) and get every derby kid saying ‘madarfacars’ just like hers.

Ren Dog divulges that, “joining the derby team has saved me from a boring life [we all doubt this].  I admit that sometimes my kids don’t seem completely human, so derby lets me spend time with some real ones.”  She is unsure of how many seasons she will be able to participate in on the track, but vows to maintain the rediscovery of her that derby prompted.  “She always shows sheer determination, has a positive attitude, and encouraging words for other gals,” says her teammate Bone Voyage.  Gapland is proud to call her our own and we hope her derby journey is a long one.  Cheers madarfarcars!

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