Synyster Skates #6.61

Synyster Skates #6.61

Synyster Skates #6.61

In non-derby life, you can call this Smalltown Smasher Paighton Cozens.  She got some help choosing her derby name from one of our league founders, Knucklebones.  “My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold and their guitarist’s name is Synyster Gates,” she says.  Seems like fate.  As for her number, Synyster says that it took her exactly 6.61 minutes to realize she wanted to play derby.

Synyster has grown up in Rocanville and works part-time at one of our platinum sponsors, Borderland Co-op.  Lucky for us, she’s only in grade 10 at Rocanville High School, meaning there are many derby years left in her career.

What brought her to Gapland?  “Echo Chase (Sweet Poison) pretty much forced my butt out onto the track.  I’m so glad she did, derby has changed my life a lot.”  Synyster loves all positions and yes, she really is that positive, all the time.  For the upcoming season, she wants to work on all of her skills and be the best that she possibly can.  Off the track, she wants to maintain great relationships with all the derby girls.  Synyster also wants to bring more attention to GRDL and get our name out there.  Did I mention she’s also on the art committee?  This gal is overflowing with different talents!

Synyster is always willing to help out wherever she is needed.  In the 2012 season she received the ‘Momma Duck Award’.  She always has time to mentor the younger (or older!) girls and lend her experience.  “The very first practice I went to, Synyster helped teach me all the basics,” says Farm Fatale.  “I don’t think I would have been so hooked if it hadn’t been for her.”  Gapland is more than excited for her involvement on and off the track in the years to come.

You can see Synyster Skates #6.61 at the Spring Showdown on Saturday, May 25.  The Smalltown Smashers take the track at 5:00 p.m.  See you there!


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