Here is one of our amazing Smalltown Smashers, Houdini.  Known to most of the public as Paige Clark, this 11 year-old attends Grade 6 at Langenburg High School.  She lives near Spy Hill, Saskatchewan, on an acreage with her parents and big sister.  Houdini is a true cowgirl, competing in gymkanas with her horse, Snooper.  She also belongs to the Assessippi Ski Club during the winter.  Isn’t it refreshing to hear about a super active kid these days?

Houdini was drawn to the sport through her derby idols and fellow league-mates, hELLbilly Deluxe and Heartlyss.  They shared their love of derby with her and she realized she had to try it!  Her derby name came from a nickname her dad always had for her, which fit perfectly into the derby world.  She chose her number simply by putting her two favorite numbers in a pattern.

For this year, Houdini’s goal was to improve her backwards skating and transitions.  She had a great season, working and getting better at all her skills.  “Houdini is one of the players that we have seen tremendous growth from, both mentally and physically,” shares Smalltown Smasher coach, RIPn Vixen.  “She tries her best every time she hits the track and is an inspiration to all other players.  Her kindness and positive energy pushes you to try harder and above all, be kind.  Paige is an absolute treat to coach.”  At the Smalltown Smashers wind-up earlier this month, Houdini received the ‘Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em’ Award.  This signified the move to her first year of contact.  hELLbilly Deluxe shares that, “Houdini has the perfect personality for derby – always willing to push herself to learn more and determined to improve.  I think she really proved what she was made of this season when she was benchmarked to start playing contact.  She really did ‘cowgirl up’ to the challenge!”

As for her favorite derby outfit, Houdini loves to rock green tights and a zebra shirt.  Sadly, you won’t be able to catch this superstar in any live derby action until next season.  Stay tuned for the Smalltown Smasher schedule to come in spring of 2014!


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