Player Profile: Introducing ‘hELLbilly Deluxe’

hELLbilly Deluxe

hELLbilly Deluxe #47

Commonly known as Ellie Reid, this Gapland Roller was born, raised, and resides in Rocanville, SK.  Her derby name stemmed from the Brooks & Dunn song ‘Hillbilly Deluxe’.  “This is a great song,” she says. “It’s all about having a good time in a small town.”  She then put her own spin on it, working in her first name.

How did she come to call the Gapland Rollers home?  It was mostly curiosity.  She was looking for a new summer sport (since drinking beer and hitting a ball now and then at slowpitch can’t really be considered a sport).  Lucky for us, roller derby seemed interesting to her and was something new in the community for women.

hELLbilly’s on-track goal for the upcoming season is to increase her speed and agility, as well as to feel comfortable jamming if the team needs her.  Her off-track goal is to increase roller derby awareness in the surrounding area.  “It’s here, come and see!”  She does an excellent job of this, serving as the Gapland Roller Derby League President.

The biggest highlight in her derby career happened two years ago.  ‘Doom Cookie’ referred to her as being a one woman wrecking crew and ‘Kitty Militia’ found her after a game to compliment her on her blocking skills.  Words of praise from these veteran players of the Pile O’ Bones Derby Club are definitely well deserved by our hELLbilly.  She is an irreplaceable force on the Gapland Rollers.

hELL is a mother to 1 year old ‘hELL Baby’ and is also a travel counselor for Tourism Saskatchewan.  Bored and want to know where to explore in this province?  She is your go-to gal.  Feel free to drop in on her at the Visitor Reception Center on the #1 Hwy at the Manitoba border.

“Derby has changed my life.  I’m a happier, more confident person since I found derby.  I’m thankful every day that I can be involved in a sport that makes me feel good about myself.”

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