What is roller derby?

What do I need to wear on the track?
You’re going to need some comfy clothes, a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, a mouth guard, and a pair of quad skates.

I think I’ve got an old pair of rollerblades in the basement.  I could just dig those out, right?
No.  Quad roller skates are mandatory to play roller derby.

Where can I get all of my gear?
The Gapland girls are always willing to temporarily lend out gear (minus their mouthguards) for a practice or two.  It may be smelly, but it will give you the chance to give it a test drive before purchasing your own.

Don and Lia at EOC Skates in Regina are our loyal go-to derby dealers who can get you hooked up with some great fresh meat packages to get you started!

Won’t I get hurt if I play?
Like all sports, or anything we do in life, you always run the risk of injury.  In roller derby, you will be put through weeks of training and will need to pass a set of benchmarking skills and a rules test before you’ll ever take to the track in a bout.  You’ll learn several types of falls, how to stop, how to receive hits, and many other skills during benchmark training. Every bout will have several skating and non-skating officials who will make sure things stay safe on the track.

I suck at sports. Can I still get involved?
First of all, you DON’T suck at sports! Derby will quickly get that thought out of your head.  There is a place in derby for EVERYONE, regardless of your previous experience, background, or age.  We require female players of all shapes and sizes, from ages 10 – 18 in our Junior league and ages 19+ in our senior league.

If you try it out and decide contact sports aren’t your thing, we’re always on the lookout for referees (both Junior and Senior – male and female), NSO’s (non-skating officials), volunteers, and FANS!!

Where can I check roller derby out?
Check our schedule for our next bout!  In the meantime, there are lots of online sites where you can find derby bouts: WFTDA.tv, Canuck Derby TV, Derby News Network


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