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2013 Gapland Rollers Awards

Now that the 2013 season is wrapped up and our awards have been given out, why not share the results with our fans?  Take the time to congratulate your favorite Gapland Rollers (most have Facebook links below). Congratulations to all our members!

Player Voted Awards for Season 4:

Additional Season 4 Awards (decided on by Coach Farm Fatale):

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SIN'derella #666

SIN’derella #666

Meet Victoria Firomski, part two of the Firomski mother-daughter combo.  Victoria is in grade 10 at the Rocanville School and lives with her family on an acreage just outside of town.  Between roller derby, basketball, and working at the Borderland Coop grocery store, she is a busy teen.

When asked about her derby name, SIN’derella says, “I just kind of thought of it.”  She cleverly enhanced her derby persona by choosing #666 as her number, to highlight the sin/devil play on her name.  Her teammate, Shay-m-less, says that, “SIN’derella is always in the derby spirit and uses her strength to take charge of situations on the track.  She is never scared to voice her opinion.”  These characteristics show that she is a born leader.  When asked how she would convince her friends to try derby, SIN’derella responded with, “I would beg them and tell them that it is the best sport ever!”  Gapland seconds that! Continue reading

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TINAshus T #3

TINAshus T #3

TINAshus T #3

Meet one of the poster girls for our Summer Shovin’ bout, Tina Hilts!  If you haven’t seen the posters, check out our facebook event to see Tina rocking it as Rizzo.

This 28 year-old grew up in Rocanville and has been with Gapland since the beginning.  Lucky for us, she happens to be sisters with the two founding members (Nixon Broozes and Knuckle Bones).  She decided she might as well give derby a try, since she looks up to both sisters and they have such a passion for it. Continue reading

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Heartlyss #12

Heartlyss #12


Meet Gapland’s newly wedded belle, Alyssa Reid (nee Minty).  This 23 year-old is Rocanville born and raised.  She is currently employed by the Regina Qu’Appelle health region as a continuing care assistant.  Through this position she helps people maintain their independence and dignity, while continuing to live in their own home.  This career choice fits her perfectly, as she is one of the most caring individuals in our league. Continue reading

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Ogie’s Gourmet Perogies Fundraiser


Have you heard???

The Gapland Rollers senior team is travelling to Halifax next week to take on the Halifax Roller Derby Association!

To help offset some of the cost, they are doing a fundraiser, selling products from Ogie’s Gourmet Perogies in Regina!  The products are all homemade and guaranteed to be delicious.  The deadline is AUGUST 2 (FRIDAY) so make sure you talk to your favorite derby girl, post on our facebook page, or hit us up on twitter!

There are a LOT of great products to choose from, all at reasonable prices:

  • 100 Perogies (potato/cheese; potato/cheese/bacon; potato/onion; potato/sauerkraut; potato/cottage cheese) = $28

  • 50 Dessert Perogies (saskatoon berry) = $28

  • 24 Cabbage Rolls (beef/rice; bacon/rice) = $37

  • 20 Pork Souvlaki Skewers = $52

  • 8 Deep Dish Pizzas (6″; deluxe; pepperoni) = $32

  • 4 Pies (2 apple and 2 saskatoon) = $32

  • 10 Meal Size Chicken Fingers = $52

  • 10 Meal Size Boneless Dry Garlic Ribs = $52

Delivery to your door is included!!  Cash or cheque only (make payable to Gapland Rollers).

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