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SIN'derella #666

SIN’derella #666

Meet Victoria Firomski, part two of the Firomski mother-daughter combo.  Victoria is in grade 10 at the Rocanville School and lives with her family on an acreage just outside of town.  Between roller derby, basketball, and working at the Borderland Coop grocery store, she is a busy teen.

When asked about her derby name, SIN’derella says, “I just kind of thought of it.”  She cleverly enhanced her derby persona by choosing #666 as her number, to highlight the sin/devil play on her name.  Her teammate, Shay-m-less, says that, “SIN’derella is always in the derby spirit and uses her strength to take charge of situations on the track.  She is never scared to voice her opinion.”  These characteristics show that she is a born leader.  When asked how she would convince her friends to try derby, SIN’derella responded with, “I would beg them and tell them that it is the best sport ever!”  Gapland seconds that! Continue reading

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NAT'oreus #87

NAT’oreus #87

Meet yet another of our amazing gingers, Natalie Firomski, although the derby world knows her as NAT’oreus.  When asked how she decided on her derby name, she says that she, “thought it was a good fit as everyone seems to know my business.”  She chose her number, 87, because that is the year she graduated from school.  NAT’oreus grew up in Burnaby, BC, but now lives just outside of Rocanville with her husband and three kids.  She spends her days as the office administrator for C. Duncan Construction, doing anything and everything associated with the office.

What brought her to roller derby and to join Gapland over two years ago?  NAT’oreus explains, “I partied with the ladies in Regina after a bout and they all seemed so amazing, I wanted to spend more time with such wonderful women!”  How many of you ladies want to check us out after hearing that?? Continue reading

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Houdini #5151

Here is one of our amazing Smalltown Smashers, Houdini.  Known to most of the public as Paige Clark, this 11 year-old attends Grade 6 at Langenburg High School.  She lives near Spy Hill, Saskatchewan, on an acreage with her parents and big sister.  Houdini is a true cowgirl, competing in gymkanas with her horse, Snooper.  She also belongs to the Assessippi Ski Club during the winter.  Isn’t it refreshing to hear about a super active kid these days?

Houdini was drawn to the sport through her derby idols and fellow league-mates, hELLbilly Deluxe and Heartlyss.  They shared their love of derby with her and she realized she had to try it!  Her derby name came from a nickname her dad always had for her, which fit perfectly into the derby world.   Continue reading

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Nixon Broozes #30

Nixon Broozes #30

Meet one of the Gapland Roller’s founding members: Kimberly Hilts.  All of this Gapland wonderfulness is thanks to what started out as an idea for her and her sister, KnuckleBones.  Kim started out playing flat track roller derby with the Pile O’ Bones Derby Club in Regina.  After moving back home to Rocanville, she realized this sport was too good to let go.  Kim left PBDC in 2010 and Gapland’s season one took off.

Kim’s derby name not only sounds neat, but pays homage to her mother.  Nixon is actually her mother’s maiden name.  She says she added Broozes to it because she seems to get a lot of them.  The number 30 was not her original choice.  Kim is the third of five children in her family, so her first choice for numbers was 3. Continue reading

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Rip N Roll Her #30

Rip N Roll Her #30

Let us introduce to you one of our junior skaters: Kaili Adams.  She makes the trek from Whitewood, Sk to play with the Smalltown Smashers (Gapland’s under 19 team).  You could say that derby runs in her family, since both of her parents are intricately involved in the Ringleader Rollergirls.

In choosing her derby name, Kaili just let it flow.  “Rip N Roll Her just sounded good,” she explains.  Her number, 30, is her favorite number for all her sports.  She has played hockey since she was four years old and also enjoys baseball and curling. Continue reading

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