Rip N Roll Her #30

Rip N Roll Her #30

Let us introduce to you one of our junior skaters: Kaili Adams.  She makes the trek from Whitewood, Sk to play with the Smalltown Smashers (Gapland’s under 19 team).  You could say that derby runs in her family, since both of her parents are intricately involved in the Ringleader Rollergirls.

In choosing her derby name, Kaili just let it flow.  “Rip N Roll Her just sounded good,” she explains.  Her number, 30, is her favorite number for all her sports.  She has played hockey since she was four years old and also enjoys baseball and curling.

Rip N Roll Her first caught the derby bug about three years ago, when the Gapland seniors practiced in the Whitewood rink.  Since then, her interest has only increased.  She says that her derby idol is Lil’ Assassin from the 306th Bombshell Battalion.  Her favorite position is blocker.  She has an incredibly solid booty block for someone her age; she will be unbelievable as she gets older.  Her goal for this season is to jam a bit more and work on skills that she is uncomfortable with.  Her favorite derby outfit is: a Smashers game shirt, blue shorts, pink leggings, and striped socks.

Even though Rip N Roll Her is only in grade 6, don’t underestimate her.  She has benchmarked at a level 3.  In juniors, this means that she is at the full contact/highest level.  “She is very determined to get the job done and she keeps working until its over,” says her teammate Shay-m-less.  “She’s solid on her skates and understands plays and concepts very well.”  Coach Achey Breaky Bones adds, “I always have to remind myself of her age.  She is the youngest of the level 3 girls, but she is one of the hardest hitters.”

Kaili encourages anyone to come out and watch derby to see if they may want to try it.  You never know until you try a pair of skates on!

Come out on Saturday to our last event of the season!  You will see Rip N Roll Her and the Smalltown Smashers take on the Saskatoon juniors in the first game of the Merry Blockin’s event.  In the second game you will see the senior Gapland Rollers take on the Ringleader Rollergirls.  Guaranteed to be exciting derby from 5 pm on; see you there!


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