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Ogie’s Gourmet Perogies Fundraiser


Have you heard???

The Gapland Rollers senior team is travelling to Halifax next week to take on the Halifax Roller Derby Association!

To help offset some of the cost, they are doing a fundraiser, selling products from Ogie’s Gourmet Perogies in Regina!  The products are all homemade and guaranteed to be delicious.  The deadline is AUGUST 2 (FRIDAY) so make sure you talk to your favorite derby girl, post on our facebook page, or hit us up on twitter!

There are a LOT of great products to choose from, all at reasonable prices:

  • 100 Perogies (potato/cheese; potato/cheese/bacon; potato/onion; potato/sauerkraut; potato/cottage cheese) = $28

  • 50 Dessert Perogies (saskatoon berry) = $28

  • 24 Cabbage Rolls (beef/rice; bacon/rice) = $37

  • 20 Pork Souvlaki Skewers = $52

  • 8 Deep Dish Pizzas (6″; deluxe; pepperoni) = $32

  • 4 Pies (2 apple and 2 saskatoon) = $32

  • 10 Meal Size Chicken Fingers = $52

  • 10 Meal Size Boneless Dry Garlic Ribs = $52

Delivery to your door is included!!  Cash or cheque only (make payable to Gapland Rollers).

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SMALLTOWN SMASHERS Meat&More Fundraising Drive

smalltown-smashersGapland’s junior team, the Smalltown Smashers, need your help raising money for their next team trip!  Members aged 5 to 17 will be travelling to Edmonton, Alberta next August, to attend the Greater Edmonton Boot Camp.

How can you help them out: by purchasing items from their Meat and More Drive!

What kind of items can you buy: there’s an incredible variety of products at reasonable prices.

  • Meats (e.g. steaks, burgers, chicken breasts)

  • Seafood (e.g. lobster)

  • Spices (e.g. lemon pepper, Montreal steak spice)

  • Tea (e.g. chai, orange pekoe)

  • Frozen cookie dough (e.g. monster, peanut butter)

  • Ice cream novelties (e.g. sundae cups, frozen yogurt cups)

  • Frozen muffin batter (e.g. raisin bran, banana)

  • Raw pies (e.g. cherry, apple)

  • Other frozen items (e.g. cinnamon bun dough, pizza dough)

How can you place an order: through our Facebook page, our Twitter page, or any Smalltown Smasher parent.

When is the deadline to miss out: orders must be in by THURSDAY, JULY 11th.

How will you get your order: they will be available for pick-up at Blueberry Kitchen on FRIDAY, AUGUST 2nd.

Derby love from Gapland

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