NAT'oreus #87

NAT’oreus #87

Meet yet another of our amazing gingers, Natalie Firomski, although the derby world knows her as NAT’oreus.  When asked how she decided on her derby name, she says that she, “thought it was a good fit as everyone seems to know my business.”  She chose her number, 87, because that is the year she graduated from school.  NAT’oreus grew up in Burnaby, BC, but now lives just outside of Rocanville with her husband and three kids.  She spends her days as the office administrator for C. Duncan Construction, doing anything and everything associated with the office.

What brought her to roller derby and to join Gapland over two years ago?  NAT’oreus explains, “I partied with the ladies in Regina after a bout and they all seemed so amazing, I wanted to spend more time with such wonderful women!”  How many of you ladies want to check us out after hearing that??

It is difficult not to write paragraph upon paragraph explaining NAT’oreus’s great qualities.  Her story is very unique, since she started out her journey as one of our amazing volunteers.  Her commitment to us increased as her daughter, SIN’derella, joined our junior team, the Smalltown Smashers. Fellow Gapland Roller, Lottie B. Naughty, says, “NAT’oreus was finally coerced (all with love!) into lacing up and joining Gapland as a skater.  She has proven herself a dedicated skater ever since, often battling through painful knee trouble.  Despite being sometimes limited by the latter, what is never limited is her spirit and dedication as a member of this league/team.”  NAT’oreus is a vital component of Gapland, especially when it comes to hosting bouts.  She works tirelessly during bout prep and cleanup, and can often be seen selling the heck out of our awesome merchandise.  For the 2013 season, NAT’oreus was presented with the Ms. Universe Award (majoring in Entrepreneurial Science); its pretty self-explanatory.

NAT’oreus’s story is also unique, in that she gets to share her roller derby experience with her daughter.  They represent one of Gapland’s two mother-daughter duos.  SIN’derella is proud of the fact that her mom keeps trying new things and participating in derby.  She wants to continue learning from NAT’oreus, especially in regards to her personal strength and using her body to her advantage.  What an incredible experience to share – has this grabbed the attention of any Smalltown Smashers moms?

NAT’oreus is an example of an incredible, fierce, strong, resilient woman, who many people can relate to.  Her teammate, Nixon Broozes, shares that, “we can all take something away from Nat’s on-going derby success story; hers is a great example of how hard work and belief in one’s own strengths will take a person to great new heights.”  Gapland is proud to call her our own.  Sadly, you will have to wait until the season gets underway in the spring to catch NAT’oreus in action.  See you in Season 5!

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