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Nixon Broozes #30

Nixon Broozes #30

Meet one of the Gapland Roller’s founding members: Kimberly Hilts.  All of this Gapland wonderfulness is thanks to what started out as an idea for her and her sister, KnuckleBones.  Kim started out playing flat track roller derby with the Pile O’ Bones Derby Club in Regina.  After moving back home to Rocanville, she realized this sport was too good to let go.  Kim left PBDC in 2010 and Gapland’s season one took off.

Kim’s derby name not only sounds neat, but pays homage to her mother.  Nixon is actually her mother’s maiden name.  She says she added Broozes to it because she seems to get a lot of them.  The number 30 was not her original choice.  Kim is the third of five children in her family, so her first choice for numbers was 3. Continue reading

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