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Pile O’ Bones Scrimmage Opportunity Update!

On August 17th, The Pile O’ Bones Derby Club in Regina will be hosting a double header!  The Gravediggers team is taking on the Winnipeg All-Stars in the first game.  The second game had a cancellation, leaving the Sugar Skulls without an opponent.  They decided it was a great opportunity to create a team of advanced skaters to challenge them!  If you feel you are an advanced skater (10+ refereed bouts), please email Sistah Twista at: (subject: Advanced Scrimmage).  This is a great chance for some of our senior Gapland skaters to learn!

The Smalltown Smashers will be participating in a scrimmage hosted by the Pile O’Bones Derby Club the following day, August 18th, at 2 PM.

They are still deciding on a rookie senior scrimmage for August 18th as well, but the information will be passed along as soon as it is received!